6pm – Offbeat Belly Dance

Offbeat Belly Dance! Solstice Edition!

Fabulous Portlanders! Are you ready for another dose of offkilter awesomeness and amazing belly dance? Join us once again in our reverie of every 3rd Friday revelry!

You are in luck! Join us for Offbeat for every 3rd Friday at the wonderful Liquor Store! (You may recognize this venue as our 5 year running stint as the dearly beloved Blue Monk..and we all for one are excited & exhilarated to be back!)

Marvel at the month’s magical lineup, including performances by:

The sparkling and amazing Jasmine Rain! One of our four remaining horsemen of the belly-pocolypse and seamstress extraordinaire!


The glorious Ayomide! Our Lady Queen! Her sense of the right music to get you envibed for sacred movement, as is her costuming!

The incredible Radeyah Vashti! We welcome her back again to enchant you into another realm of times gone by!


The Offbeat Belly Dance debut of the magnificent Ella Moore! We celebrate her sparkling and awesome first journey onto our humble stage!


The spectacular Margaret! The one and only hair flinging mistress! She can bring you in to times gone by and ancient blessings of days when women ruled the world!


The spectacular and incandescent Gwennichka! You delighted in her incredible Alien inspired solo set, and her revelatory work with Ultranorn Valkyrga! Come revel in her newest offering of awesomeness :D

As always, the show is freeeeee! (A very good price!) Starting verily prompt at 7pm as we have other shows post our awesomeness in the bunker of the Liquor Store..

Please do join us, for even though the Liquor Store is guaranteed to keep us well fed and well hydrated with their delicious libations and hearty nomz, your fellowship is the truly magical ingredient of the evening, Noble Portlander.

Stayed tuned as we bring into the fold of local artisans to enchant for your upcoming holiday gift giving! Time is short! Gifts are forever!

Join us! And come be a part of the magic!

Viva Offbeat! Yiyiyi!

Hugs and sparkles,

Karissa (and Jasmine)
Ringleader (and side show), Offbeat Belly Dance

P.S. These little red pandas eagerly await this month’s snow and are perched upon high with an eye on the Liquor Store’s basement door, waiting for the show to start. Get there early and maybe you can snag a seat at their table! :D :D :D