7pm Musician Gathering

Musician Gathering for Electronic / Synth / Dance Artists / DJs


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Creating innovative Electronic, Dance and Synth music with cutting edge technology┬áis hard enough without all the pressure laid on musicians & DJs in this city: rising rents, noise ordinances, lack of rehearsal & performance options, load-in hassles, performance pay, etc. Let’s join together to envision a new way to improve music as an entrepreneurial endeavor in Portland. Everyone is frustrated, but complacency will not change anything. Solidarity and strong advocacy can make a difference. Other cities have strong, supported music economies because the community stood up together and there was coordinated action to make real change. Gathering with other artists in your genre community is your first step.

Come hear about MusicPortland, the first and only nonprofit, grassroots, music community-led organization to unite, support and amplify all genres and aspects of popular music in Portland. This representative organization needs your input and participation. What do you need as a Electronic/Dance musician/DJ? What specific challenges face your genre in this city? How does that align with what all other musicians of other genres need or want? By hearing from each genre community we can find the commonalities and create a coordinated approach. How are you connected to local music services, venues and manufacturers? How does their fate influence yours? We want to hear from you to direct our efforts.

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