Ah God + Acid Tongue + Radar

Ah God + Acid Tongue + Radar

Live in the basement!

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9pm / 21+ / $7

Ah God
Ah God is heavy art grunge and fuzzed-out psychedelia with a DIY recording ethic. Heavy drum beats are carried to your ears softly and sweetly on the backs of stoney guitar melodies of the utmost sensuality. Straight out of Portland, OR, Ah God freshly emerges from the current scene, coming at you with loud bouquets of floral punk and the fuzzy sweetness you didn’t know your life was missing.

Acid Tongue (SEA)
“Like King Gizzard on a whole bunch of Ritalin, there’s a wooziness to Acid Tongue’s psych oddity that quells the madness. It’s no less otherwordly for it, though, Charlie Manson [is] dealing in a cross-eyed, surfy garage rock that’s as catchy as it is kooky.”