Avi Buffalo + Haunted Summer + Bryson Cone

Avi Buffalo + Haunted Summer + Bryson Cone

Live! – 9pm – 21+ – $10

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9pm / 21+ / $8 ADV / $10 DOS / LOSE YR MIND presents:

Avi Buffalo
Ah, yes, age—much was made of it when Avi Buffalo’s first album hit the ground running, and for good reason: While his Millikan High School classmates were preoccupied with quaint and youthful pursuits, Avi Buffalo was busy making an off-kilter pop gem that eventually bowled over NME, The AV Club, Pitchfork, the BBC, and numerous other outlets on both sides of the Atlantic whose tastes are respected by the general public. Like a lot of kids his age, Avi celebrated the end of high school in Europe, but instead of visiting the Louvre and Buckingham Palace, their overseas journeys took them to the festival stages of Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury, the Pavement-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties in Minehead, and beyond. Buffalo is ready to take on the world (again), armed with all of the experience he’s compiled over the past few years. And he’s made sure this time around will be just as memorable as the first.

Haunted Summer
The songs of Haunted Summer are dreamy and hypnotic, rich with orchestral strings and sultry electronic textures. With their previous EP, Something in the Water, the group crafted a captivating, ethereal musical journey through a nostalgic world of young love and long-forgotten memories. Consisting of husband-and-wife Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, who share songwriting duties in a true collaboration, the Los Angeles duo have shared the stage and toured with groups and performers including Taken By Trees, Islands, Deafheaven‬, The Polyphonic Spree‬, Coeur De Pirate, Olafur Arnalds, Carla Morrison‬, Meiko, Basia Bulat‬, Geographer, David J of Bauhaus and more. Their debut full-length, Spirit Guides (released on Sept 29th), was written on the road as well as recorded in several studios including Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, Comp-ny LA, and studios owned by Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon. It features an array of talented musicians, including (but not limited to!) Dave Catching‬ from Eagles of Death Metal‬ and Chris Goss‬ from Masters of Reality (both of whom are on the title track).

Bryson Cone
Bryson Cone sounds somewhere in the realm of synth lovers avant-pop, goth pop, amateur jazz, noise rock and space rock all jammed into one eclectic, tragic, romantic mixtape. Bryson Cone is impressionistic, outsider pop. If R. Stevie Moore started a Roxy Music and The Cure cover band it probably wouldn’t sound very much like Bryson Cone, but Bryson Cone would probably be obsessed with it. Cone performs live with a full backing band. The band currently features members Hannah Blilieh (Miss Rayon, The Gossip) Bambi Browning (Reptaliens), Chris Hoganson (The Fur Coats), Ben Steinmetz (Kyle Kraft) and Freddy Blanche.