Believe You Me feat. Roman Flügel

Believe You Me feat. Roman Flügel

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We are beyond excited to welcome one of our absolute all-time favorite artists to our cozy dance floor in October. This is a very rare opportunity to feel one of the titans of dance music perform in an intimate venue stateside. Roman’s prolific output through his numerous aliases has touched every corner of dance music.

Support from Spend The Night’s Ben Tactic and and ambient warmup with BYM residents Andy Warren & Ginkgo.

Please arrive early to ensure entry.


Roman Flügel (Playhouse / Klang / Ongaku Musik)ügel

Ben Tactic (Spend The Night)

Andy Warren


More about Roman-
Described as non-conformist by the press, and likened to a chameleon by fellow musical peer and Running Back label owner Gerd Janson, Flügel’s approach to music is hard to pin-down. A fact he takes great pleasure in. “I enjoy the surprise,” Flügel says about his DJing, “that’s why it’s difficult to describe what I do.” As a DJ rooted in the broad tradition of house and techno, his sets vary between location, crowd and time. Change being his only constant. He is a DJ, a live performer, a producer, a remixer and a label owner. A chameleon with a broad pallet of colours.