Believe You Me

Believe You Me feat. toshiya kawasaki & strategy (live)

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This month, we’ve got a very special show featuring the return of two incredible artists to the believe you me stage: Tokyo based visionary label curator and natural wine afficionado Toshiya Kawasaki, and Portland based mad scientist Strategy (Paul Dickow).

Toshiya’s label, mule musiq, along with it’s offspring, Endless Flight, are home to some of the most exciting artists in house music, including recent BYM alums Eddie C, GONNO, and Axel Boman, as well as this month’s co-headliner, Strategy. His exquisite sense of taste and quality control makes Mule one of the most beloved labels among DJs. He also knows a thing or two about natural wine & fashion, and has been described on more than one occasion as “cat-like.”

Strategy, a frequent contributer to Mule sub-label Endless Flight, is one prolific tinkerer. His love of unusual, customized, and hand-built hardware can be heard in his prolific and eclectic productions, which range from dub, to drone, to very strange and very danceable house.

Toshiya Kawasaki (Mule Musiq / Endless Flight / TOKYO)

Strategy LIVE (Endless Flight / Community Library / PDX)

+ residents Ginkgo & Andy Warren