Blue Flags and Black Grass + Dumpster Joe + Guests

Blue Flags and Black Grass + Dumpster Joe + Guests

In conjunction with Ethos Music Company:


Founded in 1998, Ethos provides group classes, private lessons, summer camps and music outreach programs to over 7,000 youth across Oregon. Ethos has been named one of the top 50 after school arts programs by the President’s Commission for the Arts and Humanities on 8 separate occasions.

Blue Flags & Black Grass is a combination of many flavors of acoustic American Roots Music.
With the instrumentation of Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Fiddle, Washboard, Kazoo and Upright Bass, Blue Flags emulates the String Bands of the 1920s and ‘30s. Their typical gig will blend Ragtime, Viper Jazz, Country Blues, Old-Time, Jug Band and Bluegrass. As well as performing classic standards and dusting off hidden gems, Blue Flags also features original songs by Flip ‘Fats’ McGuire.
Dumpster Joe
Dumpster joe plays 1920s and 30s hokum blues, hillbilly tunes, and jazz accompanied by guitar, harmonica, washtub bass, washboards, fiddles, saxophones or whatever else he can round up for his jug band.