Club Deluxe + BoyBand + Shaylee

Club Deluxe + BoyBand + Shaylee

Live in the venue – 9pm – 21+ – $7

Club Deluxe
Club Deluxe was born in the fall of 2018 when a communist, a “comedian”, and a cancer rising bonded over a few mediocre slices of New York-style pizza in Portland, OR. Its members include Brendon Broome, Jacob Broome, and Riley McLaughlin, respectively. Inspired by garage-rock acts of the 60’s such as the Sonics, the Animals, and the Stooges, Club Deluxe brings the guitar-driven #heat of your grandma’s day to a variety of basements and bars around the greater pdx area.

Fresh to the Portland scene, BoyBand is a dreamy pop rock group. With music soaked in reverb, they’ll shred their wet riffs for you. These upbeat, rock tunes will make you want to boogie.

Shaylee Shaylee is a queer power pop band from Portland, OR. Known for their sprawling conceptual records and energetic, laser-focused live sets laced with guitar solos and queer anthems, Shaylee brings queer excellence to the forefront while writing songs about the nuances of the transfemme experience. Their new record “The Life & Misadventures of Shaylee & Tarantula” is out now on all streaming platforms.