Charles Manier + ASSS + Hammer/Sickle

Impermanent presents: Charles Manier, ASSS, Hammer/Sickle

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CHARLES MANIER is a long-time project of Michigan-based artist Tadd Mullinix (AKA Dabrye, JTC, etc.) which delves deep into coldwave/industrial/EBM territory, dumping the macabre fixations of some exponents of same in favor of implicit social theory and sonic surrealism. CM has released music on Ghostly International, Ersatz Audio, Nation, and Mullinix’s own Bopside label.

A S S S is Portland’s own Alex Smith and Sean Pierce, who have collaborated since 2007. Their music runs the gamut from industrial throbbers to piledriving techno bangers. They’ve released music on a litany of labels, including Details Sound, Christian Pop, and Haunted Air.

HAMMER/SICKLE is the Portland-based DJ duo of Alyssa Beers (Women’s Beat League) and Andrew Bisenius (Wav Fuzz).

Doors at 9. $10. No advance tickets. 21+.
Presented by Impermanent