Flight Acid House edition

Flight presents

Acid House edition V5

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We search the world over looking for a sound. A sound that ran deep deep underground. Finally we found it ending our quest a sound that jack the house to it’s best. Our Search then continued looking for a name a name it would claim all sorts of fame. Finally we found it ending our search. A name that proved to us that it could really work. We called the sound acid. A name that came to be. A member in whole of the house famliy. So as we go on jacking to the groove we continue with the sound that makes your body move. ACID ACID ACID. Let’s jack the house!
(armando – land of confusion)


Alex Falk- (CGI Records and Mister Saturday Night)

Alex Falk is a Knoxville, Tennessee based techno producer and DJ who made his solo debut in 2013 with a well-recieved 12” on the city’s Proper Trax label. Since then, Falk has continued releasing “the kind of house and techno that’s helped draw attention to America’s grassroots dance scenes,” increasing his notoriety with releases on stateside labels including his current Atlanta homebase CGI Records, New York-based Mister Saturday Night and Proibito Records, and Deep House imprint Finale Sessions. His style is quirky, loop-driven techno that has been variously described as “impeccably booming,” “off-kilter,” “svelte,” “bold, chunky, and somewhat raunchy.”


Mark Pharoah (D3EP Radio Network Super Soul Fried Disco)

ART OF HOT (Flight)

Joel Mack (Rose City Underground)

Flight‘s resident airline attendants, the Faerie Folk, will provide some inflight entertainment in the form of galactic go-go dancing and general enchanting merriment……..
Ehva Thursday~ Sissy Creamcheese

PHOTO’S: Pocho’s Cosas

Grace J Adamiec

LIGHTS: Cesar (One Wub)

Landing Pad: The Liquor Store

Soundsystem powered by Funktion-One (Official)