Frantartica (album release) + Voovol + Mare

Frantartica (album release) + Voovol + Mare

Live in the basement venue – 9pm – $7


Experimental musical duo from Portland, OR featuring Kadi Rae on vocals and bass alongside  Shana Lindbeck (OPT, Bitch’n, Dreckig).

If you’ve ever beheld a horse and thought to yourself, “Holy fucking shit, that’s the most metal creature I’ve ever seen. So powerful, yet so ethereal. I could ride through the gates of Hell on the back of that large friend,” MARE understands you. Pioneers of the rapidly growing micro-sub-genre Horse Metal, these three emotionally intelligent and shockingly beautiful women will rock your hooves off faster than you can say “Giddy up, buttercup!” This is music to get-high-and-french-braid-your-best-friend’s-hair-under-a-black-light to. Whether you’re into centaurs, unicorns, or straight up Satan, MARE is sure to steal your heart (and your soul).