Glacial Fall + downandwell (pdx farwell show) + Has/Will

Glacial Fall + Downandwell (pdx farwell show) + Has/Will

Glacial Fall
Glacial Fall is the collaborative effort of Jeremy Hooton and Heidi Elise Wirz, two earth humans from Portland, Oregon. Hyper aware of their own limited life spans and imminent mortality, these are recorded chronicles and visual artifacts of their lives. Sonically Glacial Fall currently consists of two bass players and an Elektron Octatrack.


Loud, dark and sadish shoegaze-slowcore loosely influenced by bands such as codeine and early mogwai. Their first EP ,creatively titled “ep1″ , features a track with Drowse and it is available on bandcamp. downandwell are currently working on a second EP, “ep2″. This will be their last show in Portland due to relocation to the east coast.


Has/Will is a post-punk trio from Portland, Oregon. They interpret the definition of “will” as “championed freedom against a doctrine of predetermination.” Some songs are jagged, sharp, chaotic, others are steeped in rolling, de-tuned melodies; sometimes they are one in the same. This January they will harness the cold and bitter pangs of winter to record their debut LP.