Heaven Skate + Sweet Home + Source Material

Heaven Skate + Sweet Home + Source Material

Three groovy bands live in the basement: $7- 9PM- 21+

Heaven Skate

Heaven Skate is a lifestyle group with an optomistic musical outreach.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a nostalgic and sentimental indie rock band from Portland, OR. Melodic guitars and emotional lyrics call back to Midwest emo, sadcore, and late 90’s indie. Originally formed in 2011 by highschool friends during their time in college, the band reformed in late 2019 to reconnect with the short-lived project. For fans of American Football, 764-Hero, and Red House Painters.

Source Material
Birthed of Grateful Dead fandom and creative burnout, Source Material is a response to a dying music industry in a media environment that continually pushes DIY musicians aside (unless they make Instagram memes, of course). Members of the now-defunct Snow Roller, Laughing Stock, and the still-active Neilson Family take inspiration from Silkworm, Polvo, and the aforementioned Grateful Dead to concoct something that sounds like a nostalgic earworm from college dorm rooms that the members never lived in. At once joyous, wistful, and exasperated – Source Material harkens back to a time when rock and roll didn’t have to save the world, just the people in the room.