Papercuts + Sugar Candy Mountain + Ezza Rose

Papercuts + Sugar Candy Mountain + Ezza Rose

Live in the venue!

9pm – 21+ – $8 ADV / $10 DOS

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Papercuts is the music of SF/LA based songwriter and producer Jason Quever, along with various west coast musicians.
After a brief hiatus to focus on production for bands such as Dean Wareham and Beach House, Papercuts return with 6th album “Parallel Universe Blues” on Slumberland Records in October 2018.


Sugar Candy Mountain 
If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like this.

Ezza Rose 
Ezza’s singer/songwriting talents push on. Her voice is consistently smooth and clear, ethereal, and from the gut. It rises, glides, and falls, not unlike her cover-art for the album, depicting the daffodils that her small mining hometown is known for… While the band’s sound expands with more rock, blues, and experimental elements, The Ezza Rose Band still retains its strong organic roots that have been deepening in Portland for the last several years.

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