Neck Romancer + Party Witch + Disco Volante

Neck Romancer + Party Witch + Disco Volante

Spooky synth bands live in the basement: $7- 9PM- 21+

Neck Romancer
Neck Romancer is a punk band from Portland, Oregon. Critics have called the genre “carnival punk” or “clown funeral” music. The sound of Neck Romancer depends on the absence of guitar, with an organ as the lead instrument purposed to raise the dead, and make them dance.

Party Witch
A dark and dreamy power duo featuring Alicia J. Rose (Miss Murgatroid) on accordion, synth and vocals and Shawna Gore (Captain Vs. Crew) on drums. Rose’s rich, commanding vocals soar over Gore’s fast and furious beats, the accordion and synth forging new wave song spells about powerful transformations, witchy mysticism, and all manner of twisted souls. Reminiscent of early Siouxsie, Pretenders and Gary Numan, these PDX dark-pop heroines are bringing much needed light to a quickly darkening world.

Disco Volante
Disco Volante is a band from Portland, OR, formed in 2014 by Portland State University students Joel Buckle, Thomas Guerena, and Jordan Dardis with Jayme Rogers joining soon after. Their sound pays homage to the post-punk genre of the 80’s and its revival in the early aughts. However, Disco Volante breaks into a tangent of their own by blending 60’s pop elements with expressive film score-inspired arrangements. The result is a cinematic sound that naturally gravitates toward the film noir.