Petunia and the Vipers + Jenny Don’t and the Spurs + Charlotte McCaslin

Petunia and the Vipers + Jenny Don’t and the Spurs + Charlotte McCaslin

Show starts at 9:15pm

$10 adv / $12 day of the show.

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The band: Petunia & The Vipers formed in 2007, starting out as a sometimes-band, playing locally on the west coast. Things really got going for the group in 2009 when they began touring the US west coast, and recorded the bed tracks for their first album at the Sound Factory in Hollywood. Little by little, the album was added to and perfected, and in 2012 they released the self-titled album “Petunia & The Vipers” officially, to rave reviews and frenzied fans. Since it’s release the band has gone on to tour across parts of Canada, playing summer festivals and sold out shows, as well as several tours throughout the UK, and a regular circuit from Vancouver to Los Angeles, playing cities and towns down the west coast. In 2014, Petunia released a new album titled “Inside of You”, which features three backing bands, including the Vipers, a Roma-Swing ensemble, and an alt-country group of prominent Vancouver musicians. The album’s release was commemorated with a Petunia & The Vipers release show in Vancouver, a tour across western Canada and the US west coast, and a summer of playing shows at festivals across the country.

Jenny Dont And The Spurs

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Charlotte McCaslin

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