Lo Fives + No Knuckle + Salo Panto

Lo Fives + No Knuckle + Salo Panto

$7/ indie new wave psych

Lo Fives
A wash of peach-colored fuzz embellished with simmering cymbals. A gritty Lo-fi timbre reminds one of grungy sunsets on the boardwalk, acid wash jeans, skateboards, and light leaks. They have this sort of soft bite to their sound that will leave you feeling thoroughly bathed in the spirit of rock & roll.

No Knuckle

4 piece band clashing the old 60’s sounds of protopunk with modern new wave. Formed by gage Nelson in 2018 with members of active projects Meat Creature, Hello I’m sorry, Tile, and the former bassist of Onion the Man. The project delivers with hard hitting riffs and a powerhouse of a rhythm section.

Salo Panto
Well crafted interlocking guitar lines on a firm bed of low end, crashing drums and a tambourine man on the sampler tying up the loose ends.