Spyn Reset + Rainbow Electric

Spyn Reset + Rainbow Electric 

Jam band night / 3 band bill / normal set times 9pm

Spyn Reset

Electro meets Prog meets Jam meets metal meets dance!
We are unique, we are doing our thing. Join us if you like weirdness

Spyn Reset from Seattle is pursuing the “Electro Prog Rock” sound combining vocoded synth and keyboards, working with heavy guitar and 6 string bass, adding rock drums and polyrhythmic percussion, blending musical ideas by three virtuosic musicians creating an epic band! They have shared the stage with TAUK, Twiddle, Juno What!?, Everclear, BIG SOMETHING, MARBIN, and a lot more.
Join our Electro prog jam scene!

Rainbow Electric 

There is so much Grateful Dead spin-off music these days, and most of them are cover bands. WE ARE NOT A COVER BAND! We play primarily original music, along with some tastefully chosen covers.

If you’re into music in general, this is something anyone can groove to! It’s dance-able, singable, and all around feel-goody!