Stoner Control + Risely + Slippery Eyes

Stoner Control + Risely + Slippery Eyes

21+ / 9 pm / $7

Stoner Control
Guitar and Bass played by Charley Williams and Sam Greenspan w/ Mike Cathcart on drums

Risley is Portland band. Risley was a cat. The debut album is made up of the collective contributions by members of Tea for Julie, Genders, Typhoon, Sunbathe, Paper Brain, Poison Beaches & Moonchild.
The result is a dreamy album full of sonic and genre twists and turns. ranging from post-punk to millennial indie rock from dancey to alt-country, and all with a unifying thread of sound and spirit.

Slippery Eyes
Queer sadboy twinkles from Portland, Oregon. EP out On all platforms.