Sublimate Records Presents: Mad Zach LIVE

Sublimate Records Presents: Mad Zach LIVE

// Mad Zach // [ Mad Lab / Alpha Pup / MethLab / Saturate ]
Berlin, DE

Mad Zach combines sonic influences from hip-hop, glitch, dnb, and dub, yet still remains unique in his own right. He is an expert in sound design, taking the quality of techno sounds and incorporating them into high-definition bass music. Zach released his latest EP, Fortress, on March 10th 2017 via Plasma Audio. After dropping a number of singles throughout the rest of 2017 including “Bicycles” and “Tunnel Snare” as well as “The Visitor” in January, he will release his next EP, Out of Body, in March 2018 on Alpha Pup Records.

Mad Zach’s live sets fuse the elements of controllerism, finger drumming, and DJing into one. In 2017 he toured with REZZ, G Jones and Eprom, headlined dates across the West Coast and Canada, and played festivals including Coachella, HARD Summer, and What the Festival. In 2018, Mad Zach is slated for a number of festivals including Okeechobee, Buku, and Lightning in a Bottle. Zach is strongly endorsed by production tech companies Native Instruments and Ableton and his performance videos for them and predominant DJ blog, DJ Tech Tools, have garnered over 10 million views on YouTube.


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Aether State [ Sound Museum / Saturate ]

Aether is a term formed on the idea of duality. It is both something and nothing. This idea is full on display in Aether State productions and live performances. Whether it’s ability to effortlessly phase in out of different genres while still showcasing what makes each special, or producing tracks that manage to fit into a framework while somehow destroying it at the same time. Aether State is both the light and the dark, the heard and unheard. The somewhere in between.



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Shining a light on original electronic music in Portland, Oregon.

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