Support Local Bands & DJs

Support Local Bands & DJs

During these difficult times, please remember to support those that have made you dance, head-bob and air-guitar away your pre-pandemic troubles.

Buy a song, tee-shirt or album direct from the artist. Venmo a dollar or two to your favorite┬ámusician as they stream live. Support them vinyl twisters and string strummers below…

We’re all in this together. We’ll see you when the dust settles!

With Love,

The Liquor Store.

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If you are still working, consider tossing a few buck to some of the folks that make this town GREAT!

Sappho (NoFOMO)

Spenser (Circuit Breaker)

Anjali (Andaz)

Violet / Tony (Sleazy Listening)

Cody (Sublimate)

Aiden (Global Based)

Art of Hot (Flight)

Kyle Craft

Papi Fimbres:

Nick & Ben from Strange Hotels

Jenny Dont & The Spurs

Dim Wit