Upper Strata + Peridot + Small Skies

Upper Strata + Peridot + Small Skies

9pm / 21+ / $7

The Upper Strata
Neon Glitz is the Swiss duo latest release and first vinyl release. Further exploring of dance beats and space rock sounds.

Peridot is a Portland, OR based duo comprised of husband and wife, Joshua and Sienna. What started as playing for fun quickly blossomed into an original synthpop outfit, combining moody synths with driving beats into a full-bodied sound.

Small Skies
Benjamin Tyler used to record under the name Stepkid, but he’s morphed that project into the new Small Skies, enlisting the spontaneous contributions of friends to offset his carefully crafted, electronic-based sonic panoramas. Small Skies’ intriguing debut album (self-titled) juxtaposes dark, coiled synths with booming, crashing live drums, and the results are both invigorating and ominous. For every joyous pop summit like “So Long,” there’s the wobbling, claustrophobic “New Home,” and Tyler often overruns his melodies with echo, creating an indistinct, erased quality with his voice. What remains perfectly in focus is Tyler’s piercing vision, and he injects a surprising amount of emotion into the abstractions on Small Skies, giving the record a gravity that’s impossible to discount.
Ned Lannamann-Portland Mercury