Wooden Indian Burial Ground + Smokin’ Ziggurats (SF) + Slim Fortune

¬†Wooden Indian Burial Ground + Smokin’ Ziggurats (SF) + Mattress

9pm / 21+ / $8

WIBG In their current state of designed perpetual flux WIBG has found some serious footing. Since 2012 Justin Fowler, Dan Galucki have consistently churned out shimmering, spasmodic psych rock of an exceptional degree. Since joined by Nathan Moore and Cory Gray in 2016, the crew has found a sort of chaotic cohesion.


Many tours across the United States and Europe with the likes of FUZZ, Built to Spill and countless other groups of questionable individuals have left WIBG wise, weathered and thankful for the opportunity to shred. On tip toes and with bloody hands WIBG creates something more than songs. Their singular style is an organic cacophony of scattered metallic sway and lascivious throbbing that will leave you writhing and shaking into the wee hours. Smokin’ Ziggaurats (SF) Rippin’ rock and roll band from San Francisco. Mattress MATTRESS is a hybrid of synth pathos and soul shouting. A solo project born of struggle and heavy thoughts. Something like Iggy Pop and Tom Jones mixed with Kraftwerk and Suicide. Drum machines rattle basslines swoop the voice croons about survival, lost dreams and pains. Rex Marshall is from the sinful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. MATTRESS is not easy listening.