The Liquor Store {not a real liquor store}

Venue Specs



The Liquor Store enjoys a 2-room layout; A 2200sqft street-level bar and a 1800sqft basement event venue. Combined occupancy of both floors is 183 (85 upstairs, 98 downstairs) Public access to the basement venue is by way of a stairway (14 stairs) in our street level lounge.

The Liquor Store was named “Bar of the Year” by Willamette Week Editors and “Best New Bar” in their readers poll!

The Liquor Store is open from 4pm – 2:30am daily. Basement and event doors open at 9pm (unless otherwise noted)

If you have a confirmed event or if you are considering producing one, please feel free to review our guidelines for performers here:


Lounge Upstairs (DJ’s Only)Main System
• 4 x Funktion One F101
• 1 x QSC K12 SubDJ Gear
• Pioneer DMJ400
• 2 x Technique 1200’s
Basement Downstairs (DJ/Live)
Main System
• 2 x Funktion One Resolution 2 Mains
• 2 x Funktion One F218 Subs
• 2 x Funktion One F118 SubsRear Fills (4-Point DJ Setup)
• 2 x Funktion One F101Wedges / Monitors
• 4 x Funktion One RM18 3-Way Wedges (Each with independent auxiliary monitor mix)
• 2 x Funktion One F118 (DJ Subs)
Mixing Console
• Allen & Heath QU-32 Digital Console (20 input channels available on snake)
Mic, DI & Stand Pack
• 2 x Shure Beta 58A (Vocal Mic)
• 2 x Audix OM2 (Vocal Mic)
• 1 x Audix OM5 (Vocal Mic)
• 2 x Shure SM57 (Instrument Mic)
• 4 x Audix I5 (Instrument Mic)
• 1 x Shure Beta 52 (Percussion/Bass Mic)
• 2 x Audix D6 (Percussion/Bass Mic)
• 1 x Audix D4 (Percussion/Bass Mic)
• 2 x Audix D2 (Percussion/Bass Mic)
• 2 x Audix SCX1C (Overhead Mic)
• 1 x Audix SCX1HC (Hi-Hat Mic)
• 4 x Radial JDI (Passive Direct Box)
• 1 x Radial J48 (Active Direct box)
• 8 x K&M Tall Boom Mic Stands
• 6 x K&M Short Boom mic Stands
• Various Vocal, instrument & drum mic clips
DJ Gear
• 1 x Allen & Heath Xone 92 4-Channel DJ Mixer
• 2 x Pioneer CDJ-2000’s
• 2 x Technique 1200’s
*Bringing minimal personal gear helps for quick band switch overs, loan ins & outs on our tight stage gear sharing especially drum sets and amp cabinets if at all possible is strongly encouraged
* A qualified experienced engineer who knows the ins and outs of the sound system will be provided for you at no cost. Outside engineers are strongly discouraged. All guest engineer requests or special requests must be made through our Head Systems Engineer:

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